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 Ipwnyourmom's GM Application

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PostSubject: Ipwnyourmom's GM Application   Fri Sep 25, 2009 5:28 pm

IGNs: Curry

How long have you played ForbiddenRO? Not that long, just left my old serve to try out this one.

How long have you played RO in general? I've played for about 5 years in many different servers of all rates.

Have you ever been a GM/Admin before? This will be my first time if accepted.

Why should you be a GM? I have a strong sense of justice and I am usually friendly to all players. I like to solve problems by viewing the situation carefully and reflect on my decision before I make it. I also know quite a bit about RO and could be helpful to many players. If not, I can at least guide to the forum or several websites. I am not being a GM because of the power, though that is a bonus, but to make the server successful and fun to all.

Extra info you think we should know: I have played many servers such as: Ragnarok Frontier, CeresRO, FaithRO, AncientRO, ForsakenRO, BlackoutRO, DarkRO...even PornRO. LOL. I'm very dedicated to what I do. (eg. In ForsakenRO, I suggested a new kind of PvP room, and though there were many arguments against me. I did my best to rebuttal and eventually the idea was accepted.)

My time zone is the Eastern Time Zone (GMT-05:00) and I usually play after school around 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM. I have a very flexible schedule so if a Mod or GM requires assistant beyond my time hours, we could arrange something.
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Ipwnyourmom's GM Application
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