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 Basic Server Info

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PostSubject: Basic Server Info   Wed Sep 02, 2009 6:35 pm

ForbiddenRO info:

Base Level EXP: 15k
Job Level EXP: 10k
Item Drops: 100%
Non-MVP Card Drops: 50%
MVP Card Drops: 20%
Main City:
Morocc (@go 1)
WoE Times:
Saturday from 2pm to 4pm
Saturday from 7pm to 9pm
Sunday from 4pm to 7pm
*All times are EST*
NPC Info:
ForbiddenRO Guide: Welcomes to FRO and gives you basic info.
Healer and Buffer: Heals you 100% and gives buffs *Only gives buffs to Novices*
Stylist: Changes your hair and color. 37 Hair Styles, 263 Hair Colors, 553 Clothing Dyes
Banker: Stores zeny for exchange between characters.
MVP Warper: Warps you to MVP arena.
Platinum Skill NPC: Gives you quest skills for your job.
Gold Room: Warps you to gold room (@autoloot highly recommended)
Gold Coin Exchanger: Exchanges 1b zeny for 1 gold coin
GM Status Checker: Shows if GMs are Online or Offline
Poring Catcher: Every hour on the hour she will warp you to the Poring Catch event. She disappears 30 minutes after the hour.
Warp Agent: Warps you to towns or dungeons. (Obviously not needed if you know the map name for @warp)
Card Remover: Removes cards from equips. *Does it for free and there's no chance of your equipment breaking or cards being lost*
Job Master: Changes your job when you reach the right job level.
Baby Job Master: Changes you into a baby when you are a 1/1 Novice and changes your job after that
Reset Girl: Resets stats and skills for a small fee
Mall Warper: Warps you to the mall
PvP Warper: Warps you to 1 of 3 PvP arenas
WoE Setter: Shows the WoE times
Monster Arena: Warps you to the monster arena where you can train a monster to fight other players' monsters. -- Too glitchy...may be brought back if it can be fixed.
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Basic Server Info
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