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 cmsm application

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PostSubject: cmsm application   Fri Oct 16, 2009 11:34 am

Name: Cornelius
Age: 23
Country: Malaysia

Position applying for:
How long have you played ForbiddenRO?
none, just starting
How long have you played RO in general?
u mean't offical ro? 9 years.
Have you ever been a GM/Admin before?
yes im still a admin in my ro 2009
Why should you be a GM?
well since i dont like to play my own server which i create so i would like to be a gm in other server which is diffrent.
Extra info you think we should know:


Hi im snowy here how my application goes. Im admin from a server which still runing. I can't say it but its fun. I have played RO for 9 years from 2000 when malaysia ragnarok online starts. I played the offical server for 9 years. I know much about ro. I call people or others to play with me at the game i like. If your approve me i might call some of my friend to play it depands what level gm u give. Im good with new comers, I'll tell them how nice this ro are and please call your friends and play. Join the events and other stuff. Well i would like to be a Event gm, police gm or a sub-gm. im good all of that. well thats all i would like to say. if you want to know more what im capable of, please see me in game. My name will be Snowy.
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PostSubject: Re: cmsm application   Sun Oct 18, 2009 11:43 am

I like your application Snowy. I'd like for you to play a little longer before i actually make you a GM, but in time your application will be considered. I would like it if your english was a little better, but i'm flexible :p

Please Vote and enjoy your stay at ForbiddenRO!

The wolves await the return of their king
--Okami Forever
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cmsm application
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