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 SADDAM GM Application

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PostSubject: SADDAM GM Application   Sat Sep 19, 2009 11:08 am

Hello I am Saddam.
This is my GM application.

Position applying for: Event GM or any GM.


How long have you played ForbiddenRO?
10 September 2009, thursday.

How long have you played RO in general?
I have been playing about for 6 years

Have you ever been a GM/Admin before?
Yes. I have been GM in many server like BoundlessRO, RichRO, WaterRO,etc.

Why should you be a GM?
I should be a GM because if I became a GM then i will surely take the server to the top means at the first position. I will also tell friends of other server to come in this server but if I tell them then they will come in about a months. I will see that there will be no problems in the server and of the players i will also see that no players will be bored and leave the server.I will make the server eventfull and i will also see that there are no hackers, spammers,botting programmes used.

Extra info you think we should know:
I am a helping person which give happiness to others and make them happy and the most important thing is that I am from India and my time is GMT:+5:30.

Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: SADDAM GM Application   Sat Sep 19, 2009 12:21 pm

Wow, I am very impressed with your application! I will DEFINITELY take you for consideration because you seem VERY qualified.

Sorry Saddam, but you continually ask me for levels and items and even tried to fake recruits to get free items. I'm not going to ban you at this point, but I just cannot have you as a GM.
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SADDAM GM Application
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